Who is Rich Casto?

Who is Rich Casto?

  • Recognized by top authorities
  • Contributing author to Donald Trump’s “The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received”
  • Walked the walk – Was top 1% in production for the country as an agent
  • Practitioner of real estate in four states – Understands all the nuances of the business
  • Effectively managed agents – Brokerage firm owner and Manager of the Year for Prudential
  • Inspires agents – Responsible for tripling production in major real estate firms across the country
  • Trusted by names you know – Clients include top companies in The Realty Alliance, Home Services and all the major franchises
  • Experience that counts – Has trained over 65,000 agents and brokers

Rich Casto is the founder of Rich Casto & Company and co-founder of richcastoandco.com. Through his consulting, coaching and training, he has served agents, brokers, owners and managers in training, recruiting and retaining solutions. RealCoached delivers value based on practical experience, benchmark results, and transference of skills.
Rich Casto has been associated with all aspects of the real estate industry for nearly 26 years. He has a progressive and aggressive approach to the business.
Today, Rich Casto and Company has evolved into one of the best real estate consulting, training and recruiting firms in the industry. The company’s full embracement of technology and the innovations Rich has made over the last five years utilizing technology and best practices serves clients in multiple ways.
The company’s unique interactive system focuses on developing each person’s individual strengths and capacity, as well as all the necessary real estate skills and productivity techniques to create success. The coaching and training is delivered in a variety of multimedia formats from live to online optimizing learning retention. The approach of combining these methods of learning with tested and measured practices produces results in a short amount of time.

Rich’s Contributions include:

  • Realty Times
  • Broker Agent Magazine
  • FrogPond.com
  • Broker Agent News.

Featured in:

Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received, by Donald Trump