What the industry says about Rich Casto

What the industry says about Rich Casto



“Took your class last year and I more than doubled my productivity….and I was already an above average producer!”

– Cindy Pierce

“I hand picked Rich Casto to coach Realtors we are currently working with and want to work with at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. His delivery and message are “no nonsense” …because Realtors NEED Rich’s timely coaching in a turbulent market! He not only delivers the “TO DO’s”, but the “How To’s” on becoming a better agent that day!”
– Ryan Haacke, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Des Moines, IA

“I couldn’t believe how good Rich’s seminar was and that I could listen for so long and not be bored. Thanks to him for training us. Now all I have to do is put his plan to practice!”
– Ellen Zelig, Prudential Serls, New York

“He is animated, witty, has a great audience control and has a reasonably simple message advocating a system(s) and a plan(s) that any agent with desire can adapt to their own needs and style. He is the best I have experienced. No comparison to others – Casto wins hands down.”
– Kevin Battistoni, Prudential Serls, New York

“Rich is what I needed to get me motivated in this sluggish market. For once I have actual tools to go out and get business.”
– Filiz Dalo, Prudential Serls, New York

“I personally find Rich to be motivational, inspirational and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Real Estate prospecting. I am certain that only positive things will result from his training.”
– Anthony Serino, Prudential Serls, New York

“Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar. I learned many new ways to spice up my real estate earnings. I love learning new ways to approach old problems and we definitely hired a winner to bring this home to myself and I know to many others in the room.”
– Rita (Last Name Withheld), Prudential Serls, New York

“He’s a “Bull’s Eye!” The guy keeps people awake and learning in a straight line, rather than the usual bell curve. I’m glad we retained him as I need an engine overhaul by just such a teacher.”
– Ed Goldstein, Prudential Serls, New York

“I took my first online course and I am blown away at the professional and effective training Rich did. What a powerful tool. Thank you for continuing to add value to our business.”
– Ernie Fowlke, Unisun Realty, Utah

“I just signed my tenth experienced agent this month for a combined volume of $23,500,000. AND I have three more appointments this week and one for next week. AND I made two more calls yesterday, I am flying high!!! Thank you so much for sending me that flyer last year and for making me look in the mirror and be excited about this business again.”
– Carol Lalumondier, Reece and Nichols, Kansas City, MO

“Your two day Manager Recruiting Retreat followed by the six month Management and Recruiting Solutions Program was the most successful leadership training our Reece and Nichols Management Team has experienced. Not surprisingly our year to date experienced recruiting numbers have doubled. Thank you for these outstanding programs and we at Reece and Nichols look forward to working with you year after year!”
– Sam Hartman, Director of Recruiting, Reece and Nichols, Kansas City, MO

“Rich pulled us together as a team amd challenged us to grow ourselves from the inside out in order to increase our capacity to grow our business. It’s working!”
– Jerry Reece, CEO, Reece and Nichols, Kansas City, MO

“Rich has one of the sharpest minds in real estate! A dynamic speaker, Rich engages his audience. His presentation was fun, motivating and will challenge you to take your business to the next level. Since incorporating some of Rich’s recommendations, my business has steadily increased. I look forward to his next event.”
– Michael Coburn, RE/MAX Preston Rd. Dallas, Texas

“I was completely blown away. Rich’s ability to effectively capture the class was both motivational and completely informative. He did not push so much information that we could not grasp, but made it clear, imaginative, and for me, made me feel I can achieve my goals.”
– M.F. Prudential California Realty, El Cerrito

“Awesome seminar yesterday! Thanks for coming out. The message was great as well as powerful.”
– Mark Martin, Regional Owner, Sellstate Realty

“The listing presentation (training) by Rich Casto was awesome!”
– Sanya Burns, San Leandro, CA

“Here’s a “WOW” story regarding the Rich Casto seminar….Two of my agents, Laura Eckers & Mark Bondank had a listing appointment the day after the seminar…..Seller immediately said he wanted to price the house at $980,000…..after using the pricing dialgoue….the seller wanted to list the house at $899,000- – – – -$80,000 less—-and at 9:30 today, that is happening. The seller was interviewing 3 other realtors and because of the listing seminar, they got the listing.”
– Linda Martin, Branch Manager, Reece and Nichols

“We utilized the new pre-listing and power listing system last week to make a presentation to a developer planning to develop a 400 home subdivision. The developer told us he had many other presentations from other agents, yet no one had a presentation that was as thorough and as definitive as ours – based on that, he wanted us to list his development!”
– Sheri Caldwell, Amber Rhea, and Alice Barbernitz, Reece and Nichols

“Rich’s presentation cut across the lines of all careers and life. The emphasis of ‘learning the business’ and ‘serving the client’ struck a cord with me because I doubt it is a consideration of most people. Rich’s presentation confirmed the belief that I will do well in the business.”
– Aaron O’Brien, San Leandro, CA

“One of the best presentations I have ever sat through. Very skillful and very effective.”
– Ross McElhenny, Sebastopol, CA

“Cindy and I learned and implemented the new Power Listing Presentation you had been discussing since we knew we really needed to stand out against our competition. On the day of the appointment, we sat around their kitchen table and went through the presentation and dialogue page by page….we had been selected to market their home. They said no one else had really done any kind of a formal presentation at all, and that they had just shown up with listing paperwork in hand, looked at the house, and wanted them to sign.”
– Patti Broderick, Reece and Nichols

“Casto is a master salesperson. I loved his presence and his thinking”
– Nathan D. Olivas, Lafayette, CA

“If you have not had a chance to attend this valuable and powerful class, I strongly recommend it.”
– Mary Hahner, Reece and Nichols

“Rich was dynamic and excellent.”
– Julia Kazansten, Walnut Creek, CA

“Useful information and a lot of fun.”
– Feryal Abdulkader, Burlingname, CA

“Dynamic, Fun, Knowledgeable”
– Gloria Landavazo, Livermore, CA

“I have been self-employed as a Realtor for over 10 years. During that time I have come in contact with many in the industry trying to sell me the “One & Only True Magic Potion” needed to transform me from an average Realtor into…A TOP PRODUCER!!! As a result, I was skeptical when my broker approached me about enrolling in Rich Casto’s POWER UP class. I attended the 2 hr free training so that I could go back and tell her that this was the same old stuff being sold in a new, shiny wrapper.After attending the 2 hr class, I was still skeptical, but curious. The message was different, he didn’t try to sell me anything and…He said I could get my money back! BINGO! I had my “get out of jail free” card.
Why am I telling you all this?’you may ask. I am telling you this because I honestly didn’t want to spend my hard earned commission and valuable time just to hear the same Rah Rah speeches that I had heard many times before. I am telling you this because I didn’t get my money back…I got my money’s worth, and more, from what I experienced in the POWER UP training…”
-Julie King, Kansas City, MO

“My second time at the retreat, the first time increased gross closed by $1 million, increasing company dollar by 30%. This second year should be even more amazing.”
-Rory Schwartz, Prudential Patterson

“I have been managing realtors and companies for over fifteen years, but had no idea what I could be doing better for myself as a manager or as apartner with my sales associates. I would recommend this seminar to new managers as well as seasoned.”
– Collen Dean, Park City, UT

“Rich provided me with a very eye opening experience regarding personal accountability and principle based training.”
– Ross Cobb, Long Realty Alliance, Phoenix, AZ

“Wanted to let you know I listed my first subdivision the end of May. I currently have 32 listings and taking 2 more the end of the week. If someone’s not a believer in your program have them call me!!!!!!…I have hired a part time assistant, 20 hours a week, continue working with a buyer’s agent, looking to hire more. Also, instituting the programs and plans I learned in your Power Up class. Thanks again, if you can get me to listen, the others shlould be a piece of cake!!”
– Polly Balsley, Reece and Nichols, Kansas City, MO

“This course had tremendous value for branch managers whether with years of experience or rookie managers. Everyone, all levels, left with something. This course is very forward thinking and really makes you take a hard look at yourself and will transform you into a true business partner with your agents.”
– Deb Colburn, Prudential Select Properties, St Louis, MO

“Rich put more value and content in his two day presentation than I have witnessed other trainers accomplish in a week. His approach challenged the room to aspire to a higher level and delivered the tools by which their vision can be attained.”
– Dan Bitza, Prudential Select Properties, St. Louis, MO

“Having gone to a number or recruiting seminars before, I have to say that Rich’s program was by far the best. By building a principle based company to recruit to, I am returning energized, empowered, and confident that I will become the strongest recruiter in my market. Thanks, Rich.”
– Matt Dollinger, Prudential Preferred Properties, Chicago, IL

“As a new manager in our company, I feel the knowledge I received in the two day real estate…seminar will take my office to levels that I never dreamed of. Many of the techniques, suggestions and pathways to success I learned were fresh and completely feasible to roll out on my own.”
– Susan Eilers, Prudential Select Properties, St. Louis, MO

“I attend between six and eight conferences or training sessions annually at various locations accross the country. This has been one of the most challenging and helpful that I have ever attended.”
– Russ Stanley, Boise, ID

“Rich understands this business. His approach is about solutions to real problems, growth for agents, managers, and companies promised on benefit to the customer.”
– Don Booth, Long Realty, Tucson, AZ

“These two days with Rich opened up so many profit possibilities to us-we are excited to go home and implement them.”
– Denley Fowlke, Unisun Realty, St. Geroge, UT

“Finally, someone who tells the truth. Rich cuts through the fluff and tricks to get real results.”
– Ernie Fowlke, Unisun Realty, St, George, UT

“It was a great value! Introduced straight forward hard hitting methids to build mutually beneficial business relationships.”
– Cameron Yates, Remax Benchmark Realty, Las Vegas, NV

“The knowledge that I have gained from Rich Casto at the … bootcamp will help me recruit 30 new agents next year.
– Mike Terry, Exit Realty, Charlotte, NC

“Rich provided very specific training that I can implement today to make a significant increase to my bottom line and achieve these results without working any harder than I am today.”
– Marty Recht, Long Realty, Phoenix, AZ

“Nuts and bolts in running a profitable biz. I received more than I expected out of this seminar. What a deal.”
– Jose R., San Jose, CA

“I would recommend it. This class has pulled ideas together for me and put fire back into my belly. My office has been successful in ’05, but this class has given me ideas for a better ’06. Thanks for the coaching; this has meant alot to me.”
– Chris Siebert, Prudential Patterson Properties, Troy, MO

“As a new branch manager, I have gained tools to take with me that are simple that will provide huge results. You are inspiring and make me want to be a better manager because it will not only help the company; it will help them (agents). I have also grown a thicker skin when having to implement changes into an office that has traditionally snubbed change.”
– Jennifer Schwane, St. Charles, MO

“Rich, outstanding job, kept my attendtion both days, all day. I like the style of teaching and will purchase CD’s and DVD’s, the coaching down the road.”
– John Sutton, Remax Ultimate Properties

“I came with the hope that I could obtain some insight into how to recruit a new leadership team. What I received was a far better model on how to create a stronger culture, a better plan for extending training to my existing agents and coaching them and new recruits. The information gained in recruitment of experienced agents was far beyond what I expected. This has been the best seminar I have ever attended.”
– Jack Pretti, Colorado Heritage Real Estate, Rifle, CO

“Rich’s coaching has given me the strategies and skills neccessary to ‘prospect’ successfully. As a result of the coaching, I have recruited ten people in the last six weeks.”
– Susan Kitzsteiner, Reece and Nichols, Kansas City, MO

“I personally watched Rich grow a Century 21 franchise by recruiting 200 agents.”
– Brian Sheppard, Countrywide Mortgage, Las Vegas, NV

“Rich’s coaching has quadrupled our agent population. We signed him for another year.”
– Larry Tampkin, Next Level Realty, MA

“Rich, I just wanted to thank you for what you’ve been doing. Your approach is amazing and the value to me and my business is immeasurable. I look forward to our monthly meetings. Talk to you soon and once again, you are greatly appreciated here at REMAX Capital City.”
– David Matthys, REMAX Capital City, TX

“Rich’s leadership changed me as a manager. I am now one of the top recruiters in my company.”
– Pam Petterle, Prudential California Realty, Sacramento, CA

“Rich’s coaching experience directly impacted my personal income and that of our company’s. Experience his coaching. It’s the best.”
– Pat Shea, Prudential California Realty, Sacramento, CA

“Rich Casto’s class was innovative and enlightening. As a top producer and real estate trainer myself, I am pretty skeptical of trendy techniques and cut throat dialogue. Mr. Casto’s class contained neither. I walked away with new skills I could put to use in my business immediately to set me apart from the other agents out there. I look forward to more of his seminars.”
– Dana Anderson-Whittaker, Century 21, Moneyworld

“I am now the number one recruiter in my entire company of 30 offices averaging five recruits per month for the year 2006. Rich has coached me since I became a manager just over a year ago. Number one feels good.”
-Gregg Davidson, Reece and Nichols, Kansas City, MO

“First training that I’ve been to that actually gave you techniques to use!! Most, if not all training in the past has been motivational, which I personally do not fell that I need. I stay motivated! I’m always looking for better ways of doing things.”
– Joe Meabon – EXIT Realtor in Burgaw Office.

“Thank you very much for the exposure to Rich Casto.
Although I have only been in real estate for about a year, I now know that I have already created a pattern of bad habits. It’s a shame I was developing a bad habit learned from my instructor in real estate school before I even began using CMAs.
I believe Rich should be utilized by our licensing school. Instructors, in turn, students, would benefit greatly by learning the right way to conduct business. If all of our agents utilize the knowledge Rich brings, EXIT is bound to swiftly exceed its goals, or commitments, as Rich would say.
Thanks to your thoughtful insight to bring Rich to our annual training, I plan to be a top producer at this time next year. I know I have the knowledge to do it! Sincerely,”
– Marjorie McGinnis – EXIT Realtor in Wilmington Office.

“I have participated in many training sessions over the last 17 years, and even paid for six real estate training sessions last year, and none were as powerful as our session yesterday. I walked out with information that I could implement in my business immediately. By far, the best training I have ever been a part of. I am extremely excited about the next sessions and learning from the best, what works in our industry.”
– Suzette Patterson – EXIT Realtor in Hampstead Office.

“This is the first time I have ever really felt encouraged to get listings. My biggest concern when approaching sellers has been what I could do for them, that other agents didn’t do. What reason could I give them to list with me and not any other agent selling real estate. I didn’t have any answers to that question. I have a hard time saying things that aren’t true and to tell a seller I could sell their house faster than anyone else, just seemed untrue.
I think Rich Casto has finally said what I have wanted to know for the years I have been in real estate ” What do we do to earn that kind of money?” He has showed us what we should be doing and how to do it. The training was awesome and I am truly looking forward to the 6 month training coming up in March.”
– Pamela Cavanaugh – EXIT Realtor in Wilmington Office.

This was the most useful, relevant and practical training I have attended in a long time. His listing presentation examples are right on the money and I already implemented one of his suggestions with one of my sellers today after I left the seminar!
Thanks for bringing his to us!”
– Dana Little – EXIT Realtor in Hampstead Office.

“That is the best informative speaker I have sat through, I can’t wait to put that info to work in my business. Many thanks to Martin and EXIT for bringing in Rich he will help grow all of our businesses looking forward to the training. Thank you”
– Russell Hicks – EXIT Realtor in Hampstead Office.

“Rich Casto offers some tools and techniques that are more closely aligned with my own style and philosophy than any other sales trainer I have run into in any market. I am very much looking forward to continuing with him.”
– Pete Soderman – EXIT Realtor in Wilmington Office.

“Learned more “nuggets” of wisdom in 3 hours with Rich than any other real estate training I’ve done.”
– Gavin Howe – EXIT Realtor in Hampstead Office.

“Once again, you and Martin have hit one out of the park. You selected another great speaker for our yearly Exit meeting. It would be worth it to stick around for one more year just to see how you would top Terry Watson and Rich Casto. I can’t wait to see what you do next year.
Best wishes,”
– by Cheryl Willis – EXIT Realtor in Wilmington Office.