Alita Turner CREN EXAM

Alita Turner CREN EXAM

First Name: Alita

Last Name: Turner

Email Address:

Question: 1. The most important properties to consider when negotiating are the Sold properties.

Answer: F

Question: 2. “Drawing a line in the Sand” is critical when negotiating.

Answer: T

Question: 3. Treating the other agent as your best friend is by far your best negotiation strategy.

Answer: T

Question: 4. Avoid using a cover letter when submitting a counter offer.

Answer: T

Question: 5. Systems people in general are extremely detailed and love charts and graphs.

Answer: T

Question: 6. Pricing the seller’s home competitive is the most important factor in getting the home sold.

Answer: T

Question: 7. You are the messenger between the marketplace and the seller.

Answer: T

Question: 11. When trying to price a home competitively which property is most important to consider?

Answer: Sold

Question: 12. Which one of the choices is critical in the negotiation process?

Answer: Drawing a line in the sand

Question: 13. What should be included in your counter offer?

Answer: Cover letter

Question: 14. Systems people love…

Answer: Charts and graphs

Question: 15. What is the most important factor in getting the seller´s home sold?

Answer: Price