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Certified Real Estate Negotiator Designation

Negotiation skills are the backbone of a realtor. Earn your Certified Real Estate Negotiator Designation offered exclusively by national real estate trainer and coach, Rich Casto. Recognized around the country, the certification is now possible to earn online in less than three hours. Passing students will receive a certificate and the CREN logo that they may add to their marketing material to set themselves apart from competition.

For Brokerages

Implement Recruiting and Training Systems

We work with real estate brokerages to create operational, recruitment and retention excellence. Our foundation is based in training and coaching, coupled with a variety of groundbreaking interactive training for management and real estate agents. Our company has developed a unique system that focuses on fostering an individual’s strengths and capacity, while pairing it with necessary real estate skills and productivity techniques.

For Agents

We will customize a coaching program just for you

Receive one-on-one live coaching with Rich Casto or a member of the coaching team. There are four distinct parts to our coaching: training, skill practice, strategy and accountability. Having trouble implementing the latest technology and lead generation tactics? We will do it for you and wrap it into your coaching! Click the Learn More button below to read about our agent coaching program and sign-up for a free coaching evaluation call.


Rich Casto and Company is a real estate consulting and coaching company specializing in broker and agent productivity programs that are are based on a unique interactive system and technology best practices to create real results.

The company’s focus and foundation are on the principles of integrity, diligence, effectiveness and accountability. Through these principles Rich Casto and Company is able to create immediate and obvious results for real estate brokers and agents.

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The real estate world is an ever changing landscape; at Rich Casto and Company, we understand this and embrace it. In that regard, our coaching systems are constantly being tweaked to come up with the optimal solution for this constant change. Our consulting and coaching are based in forward looking tactics and methods that are heavily based in the latest technology. We coach and train our clients and bring value to the real estate consumer in a unique and creative way.


We understand the importance of social media marketing in this digital age and are social media marketing experts in the real estate field. We have built trainings and systems around the social media sphere that help agents and brokers generate measurable business. We have incorporated this tactics and methods into our digital and live coaching platforms where we are able to share some of the DOs and DON’Ts of social media.


Being from the real estate world, we know the daily challenges faced within it. Having been a part of several small-to-large real estate brokerages, we understand the day-to-day operations of a broker as well as a real estate agent. Part of our business is to find solutions around the complexities of running a real estate business and helping our clients avoid these pitfalls. We solve complex real estate problems that hinder production at the broker and agent level.



Co-Founder / CEO

Rich Casto is the co-founder and CEO of Rich Casto and Company. As CEO, he is responsible for the mission. vision. and profitability of the company. Over a career spanning 25 years – through his consulting, coaching and training – he has served over 60,000 agents and brokers in the areas of training, recruiting and retaining solutions. Whether taking a start up from zero to 350 agents in 18 months or conducting over 1,000 live training events across the country for agents and brokers, Rich’s knowledge is extensive. Unlike many consultants and coaches, Rich has served over three years as the Chief Strategy Officer of one of the largest real estate firms in the country. Rich’s systems have helped facilitate over 350 recruits per year and add multiple joint venture partners, all while overseeing a system that generated over 6,000 leads per year for the agents.

Results For Our Clients

Ryan Olson

RE Coach / Trainer

Ryan has over 13 years of tenure in the real estate world. He has an extensive background in coaching and training real estate agents and brokers to achieve a high level of success. With deep knowledge in the mechanics of the real estate prospecting life-cycle, Ryan has developed best practices that help agents build a constant client pipeline. Through his guidance and leadership, agents and brokers alike are able to better understand the real estate prospecting process, which allows them to use best practices to achieve optimal results.


Professional Email Marketer

Arifur Rahman works as our professional email marketer and can design editable and fully responsive email templates, set up automation and run successful email campaigns that ensure a high-deliverability rate. He is also able to design and integrate sign-up forms on your website, set up accounts, create lists, upload subscribers, create segments, use merge tags and develop lead generation.

Results For Our Clients

Umair Gull

IT Consultant

Umair Gull works as our professional IT Consultant whose job is to advise clients on how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives effectively and efficiently. He also aids in building and improving clients’ IT structure.

Susanne Banks

Video Creator

Susanne Banks is a freelance video creator and voice over artist who specializes in spokesperson representation for professional clients. Over the past 5 years, she has created over 7,000 videos and voice overs for businesses all over the world, from governmental agencies to local companies. She has worked with many realtors and brokers to help them create captivating videos that generate leads and sales. Let Susanne help you with your real estate video needs. She looks forward to working with you.

Leigh Gordon

Administrator Consultant

Leigh Gordon works as an Administrative Consultant. Her job is to provide administrative support by performing online and social media research, data mining and data consolidation. With her help, your offices can run smoothly and efficiently. She looks forward to working with you.

Founded on the principles of integrity, diligence, effectiveness, and accountability. Through these principles we are able to create immediate and measurable results for real estate brokers and agents.

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I hand picked Rich Casto to coach Realtors we are currently working with and want to work with at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. His delivery and message are “no nonsense” …because Realtors NEED Rich’s timely coaching in a turbulent market! He not only delivers the “TO DO’s”, but the “How To’s” on becoming a better agent that day!

Ryan HaackeWells Fargo Home MortgageDes Moines, IA

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